Evolving Delta-oriented Software Product Line Architectures

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Am 15.5.2012 um 17:30 h findet an der TU Wien ein Vortrag von Prof. Dr. Bernhard Rumpe von der RWTH Aachen mit dem Titel „Evolving Delta-oriented Software Product Line Architectures“ statt.


Software Product Line Architectures are an important technique to handle variations in products. However, big development companies, such as car manufacturers do not have the possibility to come up with a full feature model from the beginning and thus have problems with traditional SPLs. Instead we propose to use a bottom up approach, called Delta Modeling. A base model is extended and adapted using a chain of deltas to derive the desired configuration. This approach allows to iteratively add new deltas when they are developed. Furthermore, we discuss how to evolve a complete SPL that is being built on Deltas.

Mehr Infos in der Vortragsbeschreibung.

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