Nachtrag Sommeruni: Getting started with Open Source

Ich weiß, was wir letzten Sommer gemacht haben…

… nämlich gemeinsam Beiträge für offene Softwareprojekten geleistet. Hier der Appetizer für die nächste Sommeruni. Kommt, macht mit! Macht Spaß und schlau!

Some learnings

lgtm (LGTM) = „looks good to me“ = appreciating comment on contribution

1+ is also an appreciating comment on contribution

GitHub has a lot of beginner friendly issues

GitHub can be used via web, too (not recommended for coding issues)

each project has a project lead = Big Picture Person

Important: Check community; some projects are not too friendly with women (in a sometimes more, some less subtle way)

Searching for a project and issues you can take may take some time, at the beginning it may be frustrating, just hang on then!

First „pull request“: Add a short information that you’re new and may help at the beginning; it may help to give some information about your knowledge and experiences here

Naming: Give your contribution / your fork (branch) a significant name, e. g. „typofix“

add short description to clarify if necessary

[WIP] = work in progress (if it takes longer, as it happens all too often…)

Markdown is the markup language which is used, e. g. # is the mark for a headline and ## is the mark for a 2nd level headline. The filename extension is .md or .marksown. See for more.

Links (In and Out of Context):

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