Summer Festival „Women+ in Data and AI“: 30th June 2023

While the stage belongs to WOMEN+ speakers, everyone  is welcome…

…regardless of gender, identity or technical background :-)
When? 30th Jun. 2023
Where? Berlin

What is it all about?

On June 30, 2023, the 1. edition of the Women+ in Data and AI summer festival – powered by INNOQ – will be held in Berlin: 1 day and 1 night filled with inspiring tech talks about data engineering, data science, machine learning, and MLOps, empowering off-topic sessions and a huge techno party at the end. While the stage belongs to women and gender minority individuals, everyone, regardless of their gender or technical background, is welcome to attend. Yes, fellow men, you’re invited too!

What’s in it for you?

  • tech festival in Germany with a speaker lineup of 100% women+
  • 1 morning and 1 evening keynote
  • 3 tracks with talks on data engineering, data science and machine learning, MLOps
  • empowering off-topic sessions about financial independence, professional development and entrepreneurship in AI
  • a huge techno party with a female DJane at the end
  • time to connect with your peers in a save and supportive environment



Prompt Your Way Into The Future: AI, Lifelong Learning And The Skills of Tomorrow

This talk will address the transformations and challenges in managerial and leadership roles that come with the wide adoption of AI tools. We will discuss the future of skills required to thrive in a digital world, emphasizing the idea of adapting and excelling in the face of intelligent leadership. The talk will also provide practical examples of how AI can augment your performance, serving as a valuable digital co-pilot.

Additionally, we will highlight the significance of lifelong learning in a rapidly evolving landscape. […]

The Art and Science of Data Science: from PoC to Data Products in Production

Most of data science projects never make it to production contributing to an endless Jupyter notebooks graveyard. Is there a secret recipe to overcome the PoC phase succeeding into a real data science product? Enjoy the five lessons learnt to apply onto product management principles as a result of transforming a bunch of scripts into fully automated models productive in 23 countries.

Track: Data Engineering

  • From Data to Decision. By Emily Gorcenski
  • Distributed Pandas – From Performance Art to Production. By Holden Karau
  • How to Scale Your Business in The Cloud in a Sustainable Way. By Nataliya Remez
  • A Data Mesh Implementation to Facilitate Data Sharing Across Digital Products for Insights Extraction. By Dr. Laura Fernandez Gallardo

Weitere Tracks

  • Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)
  • Festival Spaces
    • The Women+ in Data and AI Summer festival isn’t just about knowledge transfer. It’s about empowerment. Join us for fun sessions about financial independence, professional development and entrepreneurship in AI.
    • Rock your Profile (supported by LinkedIn). By Gaby Wasensteiner
    • Bold Vision Workshop. By Deborah Narder
    • How to get started with investing for Financial Independence. By Julia Kruslin


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