Wettbewerb „Dance Your Ph.D.“

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Das Science Mag bietet eine besondere Art von Wettbewerb – für kluge Bewegungsbegabte. Hier die Infos zum Contest.

Here we go… Submission deadline: 26 Jan. 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST

Announcing the annual Dance Your Ph.D. contest

Screenshot von TanzbeispielenThe party is just getting started when the dreaded question comes: “So, what’s your Ph.D. research about?”
You launch into the explanation, trying to judge the level of interest as you go deeper. It takes about a minute before someone changes the subject.

At times like this, don’t you wish you lived in a world where you could just ask people to pull out their phones to watch an online video explaining your Ph.D. research through interpretive dance?

You do live in that world! Not only can you have such a video, you can win vast sums of money (OK, modest amounts), achieve geek fame on the internet, and be recognized by Science for your effort. This is the 16th year of the “Dance Your Ph.D.” contest run by AAAS and Science (plus sponsor: artificial intelligence and quantum technology company SandboxAQ).


Category winners receive $750,-.
The overall winner receives an extra $2.000,- and a spot on Dancing with the Stars! OK, we can’t actually do that second thing.

How to enter

  1. Turn your Ph.D. thesis into a dance.
  2. Post the video on YouTube.
  3. Send us the link (by the deadline).

The rules

  • For the normal categories, you must have a Ph.D., or be working on one as a Ph.D. student.
    For the special AI/Quantum category, the dance does not need to be based on a PhD thesis.
  • Your Ph.D. must be in a science-related field (see FAQ).
  • You must be part of the dance (see FAQ).

The complete and official rules

Mehr Infos

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