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The mission of the Anita Borg Institute is connecting, inspiring, and guiding women in computing with each other and organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative. By attending the Grace Hopper Celebration for Women in Computing (GHC), students have the opportunity to connect with resources that can help them find jobs, internships, and academic programs in computing.

Students can present their work to other women in the field and expand their network of potential collaborators. They may also inspire future research ideas.
Submit to present at the poster session:
Submission Deadline: March 14, 2014

GHC Scholarship Grant recipients will gain visibility and be connected with leading technical organizations who are grant sponsors. Grants cover registration, meals, and lodging expenses for attending. It also includes a reimbursable travel award. Undergraduate, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty are encouraged to apply. Faculty grants cover conference registration only.
Learn more and apply:
Application Deadline: April 16, 2014

Academic Sponsors can make valuable connections with the next generation of students and faculty; as well as, connecting with top innovators from industry and academia. Showcase computing careers and keep your students in computing by inspiring them with role models and career possibilities.
Learn more and sign up:
Sponsorship Deadline: July 18, 2014


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